"Football is a game you play with your brain."

~ Johan CruyFFff

SoccerSmart founded by Coach Marcus DiBernardo, one the top experts in Cognitive Soccer Coaching, is leading the way in cognitive soccer theory and application. His unique coaching methodology uses the latest research from neuroscientists  cognitive psychologists, exercise physiologists nutritionists, holistic health professionals, sports psychologists, sleep specialists, movement experts, top brain theory educators and many more. Coach DiBernardo looks at player development from an information processing aspect and an ecological perspective, both approaches are very different, but many of the coaching methods can overlap. Coach DiBernardo's personal methodology focuses on creating effective learning environments that lead to the development of unique and special skill sets, ultimately increasing soccer intelligence, technical ability, and tactical proficiency. Development revolves around small-area, medium-area, and large-area game-based exercises, with positional play and constraints worked into each area.  The course is like no other coaching course in the world, the methods will directly challenge what has been taught in traditional coaching courses, making you re-think the way you teach the game. If you are looking to be inspired with a fresh perspective, and new tools for player development,  this course is for you.   The future of player development is in the brain, it is not in the physical aspect! 

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Coach DiBernardo Presenting to NY Red Bulls Coaching Staff



Sometimes we practice on slippery, extremely narrow or extremely wide pitches, players control the ball with their knees before passes and defenders hold on to tennis balls to stop them pulling the shirts of opponents. The aim is to make training so complex and mentally demanding that the game feels relaxing by contrast.


Dortmund Training Under Thomas Tuchel

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This course has really opened my eyes up to new ideas and possibilities that I had never even considered before.  I thought I knew it all, having been a former player and coach for over 20 years.  I am so glad I decided to take this course. Now my players and myself are seeing the benefits.  I really feel re-enrgized as a coach again.  


William -  Scotland


I am using the materials from you course along with my curriculum.  The players are having fun and are really engaged in the exercises. It has now been 6 months since I started using the "SoccerSmart" program and the results are showing. Parents are enthusiastic. They are seeing totally different children. 

So thanks again for all your work and effort.



Johan - Netherlands